How to : BREW BEER

You need:

Sterilizing solution/tablets
5 gallon(23 litre) fermenting bucket with lid and air lock
Length of siphon tube (unless you a have tap on the fermenting bucket)
Plastic stirrer
40 pint pressure barrel, Cornelius keg or Bottles
1kg of sugar
and of course your beer kit of choice

So lets get started. It is very important to make sure everything that comes in contact with your beer is sterilised. To do this fill your fermenting bucket with appox 3-4 litres of warm water and add 3 teaspoons of sterilizing solution or 2 sterilizing tablets. Add your siphon tube,plastic stirrer, air lock and everything else that will come in contact with the beer to the water and put the lid on the bucket. Wait 15-20 minutes, giving the bucket a good shake every 5 minutes. While the equipment is sterilizing, stand your beer kit in some hot water to soften the contents.

Now that your equipment is sterilised, and rinsed thoroughly with cold water. Open your beer kit and pour into the fermenting bucket, add 2 litres of boiling water( 4 litres of hot tap water may be used) and add sugar, stir and dissolve.

Top up the fermenting bucket with cold water to 20 litres mixing thoroughly and check temperature. The ideal temperature required is between 21°C - 27°C. Now top up to 23 litres with either hot or cold water depending whats needed to get that temperature.

Before adding the yeast take a gravity reading with the Hydrometer. Taking this reading now will give you a alcohol content reading once the fermentation has finished. Now add the yeast giving it a gentle stir, place the lid and fit the air lock.

Leave the beer for approx 7-10 days at room temperature between 20°C - 25°C. Fermentation should start after about 24 hours

IMPORTANT: If the wort(beer contents) is not at the ideal temperature but within range of 18°C - 32°C add the yeast. At this point the wort is vulnerable and prompt addition of the yeast is more important than the ideal temperature


Sterilise all your bottles. Add one level teaspoon(8gram enough for 740 - 750ml bottles) of sugar into your bottle. This will prime and add gas to your beer. Syphon the beer from the fermenter into your bottle leaving 2.5cm of head space. Shake bottle and seal or cap the bottles and leave upright in a warm place(20°C - 25°C) for 7 days. Your beer should be ready to drink in 7 days however its best to leave to mature for another 2-3 weeks.


Sterilise barrel. Syphon your beer from the fermenter into your pressure barrel making sure you leave the yeast sediment at the bottle of the fermenter bucket. Add 85grams(3oz) of sugar to the barrel. Close the barrel tightly and leave at room temperature for 2 days then move to a cool place. Your beer should be ready to drink in 2 weeks but will improve with age.